Seri Cahaya Project

Outreached Program -
Seri Cahaya Project

The YWCA is currently involved with helping children from broken homes cared for at Pertubuhan Rumah Kebajikan Seri Cahaya Pulau Pinang situated in Batu Maung Penang.  The home is currently looking after 74 children, 30 live in and the rest daycare.

In 2007, Dr Marina David, the President approached Mrs Francesca Wong, daughter in-law of ex Chief Minister of Penang, Dato Wong Pow Nee, whether she would be interested in taking up the post of Principal YWCA Kindy. Francesca informed that she was involved in community work full time and currently was involved in helping the children from Batu Maung and whether the Y could help out by spending some quality time with them, to help them in their school work.  The President invited Francesca and Linda Gregory, one of the founders of the home to meet the YWCA committee, Datin Devaraj proposed that since the Rumah Hijau Learning Centre had closed down, the Y Penang could continue our community service by helping these children.  From January 2008, YWCA began to help out the children with a regular donation.  A group of YWCA members used to visit the centre every Monday to help the children with their homework and communication.  Later a van was arranged to bring the children to and from the YWCA so that the work would be centralised for the volunteers and for the children.  It would be an outing too.  The children come to the Y from 9.00am to 12.00 noon on two Saturdays a month and the Y hopes to make it weekly with more volunteers coming forward.  During their morning break, the children are given vegetarian food.  Currently Mrs Dhanaletchemi Nagalingam, a dedicated volunteer is the coordinator of the group.

Mrs Naga with the children

Children waving as they leave the Y

YB Lydia Ong Kok Fooi
We appeal to generous members to :-
  • Come to the YWCA premises on these days to participate in the activities.  We especially seek young ladies who will enjoys teaching, mentoring and playing with children.
  • Donate cahs or sponsor their refreshments.
  • Donate new English story books to encourage reading.